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Danny Shelton is Associate Director for Digital Strategy at Aisle 518.

Danny started his career in research, beginning as a Tracker with American Bridge in Florida. He graduated from American University’s School of Public Affairs with a Masters in Political Communication in 2017, and went on to run statewide digital programs in Florida, Iowa, and Arizona. Danny has also served as a digital consultant for trade associations, campaigns, and nonprofits.

In the 2022 cycle, Danny served as Arizona Senator Mark Kelly’s Digital Fundraising Director, and worked with Aisle 518 to raise over $50 million. At Aisle 518, Danny advises VoteVets and Senator Kelly’s team in their digital fundraising.

A Florida native, Danny’s first jobs were at theme parks. First as a busboy at Seaworld, and then as a lifeguard at Disney. He lives in Washington, DC with his fiance Kate and dog Beesly.